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Since 2012

Being a nurse or a doctor is complex and challenging.

Even more so when taking the first steps into clinical practice.

As doctors, educators and creators,
we develop interactive learning materials that you won’t be able to do without once you start using them.

Quality and experience in every detail

Our learning schemes reflect clinical practice, contain a clear structure, and have numerous visual informative and interactive elements. We drive the motivation, and enable faster learning and better recall.

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21st Century Solutions for Medical Education Challenges

MLX is committed to developing the future of medical education.

Rethinking and reconsidering what medical professionals are really appreciated for: Their time spent with patients and their expertise to treat them in the right way.

Let’s start by saving time, studying smarter using learning schemes that are personal and inspiring; content which helps to understand the complexity of being a doctor or nurse, and reflects the humanity of it.

What we are good at

Our team and network have years of experience in clinical medicine, medical education, visual design, and technology. 

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