About us

We design digital concepts for medical education and develop solutions which support medical education and training, globally.

Why we do what we do

Working as a doctor or nurse means applying complex algorithms fast; however, these algorithms are deeply buried in the vast amount of content available for medical studies.

While we are facing a growing shortage of healthcare professionals worldwide, we are also experiencing shortcomings in traditional teaching methods. Unfortunately, simple digital support only for outdated learning models is like giving CPR to a dead body.

That’s why we rethink and redesign new ways to inspire and educate the future medical workforce, enabling them to be quicker and better prepared to solve the problems we are confronted with in healthcare globally.

Students already tell us: “MLX content has become the No. 1 support while learning during clinical practice in The Netherlands”.


First interactive iBooks for the Bachelor of Medicine


250+ iBooks made for the Bachelor of Medicine


The Dutch iBooks Library of Medicine in the Apple Books Store, 125+ iBooks for the Master of Medicine


Studeergeneeskunde.nl, a national platform that provides 125+ interactive books for 5 Dutch universities


Lateral Skull Base Surgery: Interactive eBooks to train ENT-surgeons in Malaysia, Basics of Burn Care for surgical resident training in in Tanzania and Sierra Leone

Our learning schemes and content provide the structure students need from their learning materials, and reflect the clinical life they grow into.

We love to collaborate with graphic designers and software developers to create the best user experience for our audience.

21st century challenges in healthcare are not solvable by 20th century solutions. AI and new ideas how to use it  will make the difference.

Our Story

All co-founders met while working, studying and teaching at the VU Medical Center in Amsterdam. They all were fascinated by how much mobile devices, modern visual design, and 21st technology such as AI and ML have the potential to transform medical education, if applied properly. As an independent company, we collaborate with different partners to give our ideas and products a real-world check. 

Jochen H. Bretschneider MD, PhD

He studied and followed his surgical training in Hamburg, Germany. Since 2004 he has worked as an Ear-Nose-Throat surgeon at the Amsterdam University Medical Centers. 2011 he joined the worldwide Apple Distinguished Educator Network and was an EMEA board member from 2015-2017. He loves film editing, graphic design, sailing and motorbiking.

Jorn P. Meekel MD, PhD

Jorn has been in surgical training since 2020. He studied medicine and completed a PhD in vascular surgery at the Amsterdam University Medical Center, where his research focussed on laboratory studies evaluating the pathophysiology and treatment of abdominal aortic aneurysms. For the last 10 years he has co-founded multiple medical educational projects, all of which are still running today.

Vincent A. Steeman MD

He has finished his medical studies in 2017. His technical interests and medical background brought him to Apple, where he still works. As a videographer and medical student he already added value to medical education at the VU University ten years ago. He still loves filmmaking, but is fascinated by exploring and adopting new options of AI and ML for medical education.

Erik H. Vogelzang MD, PhD, LL.M

Before he studied medicine, he already held a law degree. During his specialisation as a clinical microbiologist, he got his PhD in 2021 in precision medicine in Rheumatology. He also helped develop a digital research platform. Like the others, he knows that medical education and health need to take advantage of the digital and AI developments of the last decennia. He loves to spend his spare time with his three young kids.

Are you a doctor, nurse, educator, medical student, graphic designer or software developer: We are expanding. Let's change medical education together!