Providing the best and most accessible medical learning experience to support future healthcare professionals

State-of-the-art & personalised learning

A predicted global shortage of 12.9 million healthcare professionals by 2035 means we need to rethink teaching right now.

MLX creates the best learning experience for the medical workforce. Interactive learning, highly visual content, and AI concepts for personalised learning progress are core features.

Our state-of-the-art learning and teaching solutions are our contribution to enhancing medical education and improving health, globally.

Visual and didactic concepts, data-driven, personalized and learning as experience

to enhance medical education

Medical education
accessible, affordable and inspiring

to improve health, worldwide

The How

It takes a lot of hard work to make something highly complex well-structured and simple. As doctors and educators ourselves, we understand the underlying challenges and are able to offer new concepts and tailor-made solutions. Consistent structure, highlighting the most valuable information, inspiring visuals, interactive content, and innovative technology are our cornerstones.



There are many differences in education and medicine. We aim to address and overcome them to grow the medical workforce faster.

Students in our focus

We work with students every day and are connected with them in many ways; they are involved in creating our products.


Costs should not be barriers to talented students becoming inspiring nurses and dedicated doctors.