Basic Laparoscopic Course

Interactive eBook for resident training in laparoscopic surgery

Surgical Training Programme Amsterdam


The Dutch Basiscursus Laparoscopie (Basic Laparoscopy Course) for medical specialists in training and scrub nurses, teaches basic laparoscopy skills and fundamental knowledge.

MLX developed an interactive eBook for self-study that prepares readers for face-to-face lessons before entering the operating theatre. The eBook focusses on the essential clinical aspects and the use of the laparoscopic training box.

About the eBook

The eBook provides fundamental knowledge on anaesthesia, instruments, and relevant clinical aspects of standard laparoscopic procedures. Interactive anatomy within the eBook helps the trainee to learn more efficiently, and links are provided for further learning in supportive apps. Examples of best practice, complications and pitfalls aid the trainee in their decision making during surgery.
The eBook comes with a laparoscopic training box, and a tutorial for the usage of the box is included. A questionnaire evaluates the trainee’s experience level.

  • Principles of laparoscopic surgery
  • Tips & tricks for three laparoscopic procedures
  • Manual for the laparoscopic training box
  • Anatomy and anatomical variations
  • Positioning of the surgical team
  • Links to third party apps to support the learning experience
  • Step-by-step interactive tutorial on use of the training box
  • Self-assessment questionnaire
  • Clinical practice
  • Operating theatre 
  • Summarise surgical procedures
  • Training procedures using the laparoscopy box

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