Basics of Burn Care 1 – Acute Burn Injuries

Interactive eBook for surgical resident training

About the eBook

The first eBook of the Basics of Burn Care series is focused on acute burn injuries and their treatment in low- and middle-income countries. A team of international experts with decades of experience came together to summarise and share their knowledge. 

The eBook contains two chapters:

1. Principles
The essential background for everyone who cares for acute burn wound victims.

2. Examples
Highly detailed, illustrated patient stories, from the first presentation to the final results.

  • Principles of acute burn care
  • Patient stories and follow up
  • Q&A to improve information retention
  • Hotspots for further information on illustrations
  • From Tanzania, Bangladesh and The Netherlands
  • Surgical procedures
  • Follow up

Our thanks to the Dutch Burn Wound Society for believing in the project and making this eBook happen.