The Lateral Skull Base 1 – Anatomy and Approaches

Interactive eBook for surgical training in Otorhinolaryngology

About the eBook

Lateral skull base procedures remain among the most complex and challenging surgery to master in the specialty of Otorhinolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery.

The complex anatomy with a close relationship with vital structures and organs makes this an unforgiving surgical area. To be proficient in this field, a thorough knowledge of 3D surgical anatomy, and tactile sensation that is best acquired through dissections and surgeries. 

This eBook highlights the essentials of the lateral skull base from a surgeon’s perspective.

  • Anatomy of the lateral skull base and eight surgical approaches explained – step by step
  • Q&A to improve information retention
  • Hotspots for further information on anatomical illustrations
  • Operating theatre and over-the-shoulder view of the operating surgeon

Approaches explained step by step.

Our thanks to A. Strzembosz and Y. Ovchinnikova of Medtronic Inc. for believing in the project and their support to make the eBook happen.