Surgery Edition – Dutch

The eBooks Library for the Dutch Medical Internship

Amsterdam University Medical Centers


About the Surgery eBooks

The Dutch medical curriculum incorporates more than 150 clinical conditions in the field of surgery. Students need to learn about stomach pain, haemorrhages, diarrhoea, dyspnoea, and many more. This makes the internship in surgery challenging and diverse; we provide structure, visualisation, and didactic interactive features.
We are currently working on the 2nd edition of the earlier iBooks. These updates will be available as interactive documents for Windows and Apple.

  • 150+ conditions described
  • 10+ eBooks published
  • Q&A to improve information retention
  • Hotspots for further information
  • One-click links to the relevant Dutch and international guidelines
  • Clinical anatomy – all you need to remember
  • Radiology, microbiology and pathology, to visualise and enhance clinical reasoning
  • Over-the-shoulder view of the operating surgeon
  • Desktop version to prepare for the next day
  • Smartphone version to have the most important information always available
  • iOS version available in the Apple Book Store soon


150+ surgical conditions

Well-structured and based on the Dutch medical curriculum


Clinical illustrations and photographs, interactive features

Highly appreciated

Most used learning resource during internships

Expanded to other Dutch universities

Freemium content available at