Scenario Edition – Dutch

Interactive cases for clinical reasoning

About the Scenario Edition

More than 130 symptoms are incorporated into the Dutch medical curriculum. The Scenario Edition starts with the twenty most common symptoms described in twenty eBooks, including a headache, lower back pain, hearing loss, vision loss, and fever, just to mention a few. The reader is taken step-by-step through the clinical reasoning process, which is, in our experience, a challenge for students in their final years of study.

  • Succinct descriptions of history, examination, investigation and other considerations in clinical cases.
  • Q&A to improve information retention
  • Multiple choice questions
  • Hotspots for further information
  • Pathology
  • Radiology
  • Clinical practise


60 clinical cases about 20 common symptoms to support the process of clinical reasoning.

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Special thanks to I. Kommers, R. Snoeren, O. Hertgers, D. Baron, L. Texel, D. Graafsma, S.F. Bretschneider,