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A new way of training health-care professionals.

Our Mission

We aim to become the global leader of medical learning and training content by delivering state-of-the-art digital solutions for students and professionals.

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    A New Way of Learning

    Medical information is fragmented, leading to suboptimal education and care

    Traditional teaching concepts do not solve or even address this problem. We – as doctors – experience every day in medical education. Despite substantial technical developments, medical education is still taught in the same way as 100 years ago. Hence, medical students and young medical doctors feel insufficiently prepared for their first clinical duties.

  • Education

    Using the latest didactic insights to improve your learning experience.

  • Technology

    Implementing cutting-edge technologies to improve learning efficiency.

  • Network

    An extensive network of specialists who are experts in their medical field.

  • Design

    Creating visual attractive content with a focus on user experience.

Like a book, unlike a book.

We develop digital medical content for studying clinically relevant subjects anywhere, anytime. Moreover, due to mobile devices, it fits perfectly for learning on the job. 

We see that our expert and evidence-based digital content – short key texts, stunning visuals, and powerful didactic interactivity – tempt the learner to dive deeper, study more efficiently, and remember more.

We believe that integrating technologies like 3D, AI, AR and our concept of personalised content will accelerate learning and shorten study time.

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We provide the heart, the brain and the backbone of medical education and training.

Partners and Clients

We Inspire and Support People Who Care.

A selection of our recent projects

  • Focus on your patients

    Let us provide you with the necessary information to help your patients.

  • Pass your exams

    With interactive content you are getting the best learning experience.

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    Learner’s Perspective

    Overload of information distracts you from what you need to know when.

    We help make your first steps in clinical reasoning and decision-making based on your actual medical knowledge, whether you are studying for nursing school, medical school or already working as a young medical professional.

  • Teacher’s Perspective

    Daily duties of patient care and research limit teaching time.

    Our content brings you to the relevant clinical topics and valid content that inspires you and your students. It improves your teaching and saves you time.

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As a clinical and teaching expert, get in contact with us to learn how you can become part of the MLX-network.